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Should I Ever Poison a Wild Animal?

In general, people don´t have problems with Pennsylvania animals; they even consider them as best friends and loyal companions. A problem occurs when fear and anger become the leading emotions in a situation, usually connected to pest animals. When a person decides to kill the nuisance, that has entered his home out of fear from several diseases or out of anger due to the damage he suffered, there is probably nothing you could do to change his mind. In cases like that, all you have to keep in mind is choosing the most humane and responsible way of killing the Scranton animal. Poisoning the poor creature is most definitely not one of them.

Poison – Bad solution
Poisoning the Scranton animals is never a good solution. It may be easy, but in a lot of cases, some problems may occur. The most apparent reason why not to use the poison is, of course, the suffering and enormous pain you would be causing the animals. There are some other possibilities how to get rid of animals just as successful, if not even more. What kind of problems may appear, if using a poison?

• Poison won´t do the job properly (Even though the animal does eat the poison in a lot of cases they don´t eat enough of it and the unnecessary suffering will be the only result.)
• Angry and unpredictable animal (Poisoned Pennsylvania animals can become very aggressive and unforeseeable)
• Poisonous feces (Poisoned animal won´t die quickly. The agony of dying may take for several days. In this time, some very toxic feces, dangerous to human and pets can be produced.
• Rotting carcasses in unreachable areas (In its dying distress, the animal usually retreats in some remote and hard to reach places, representing a big problem when you want to remove the carcass. Not only can the unbearable smell of rotting meat, but some serious renovation costs occur as well.)
• Health danger to others (children, pets, and other animals like to investigate, and if poison is being reachable to them they may consume it. No need to mention how dangerous that is and what might happen if a child or a dog eats an animal poison)
• Legal or illegal (some animals such as rats and mice can be legally poisoned. However for Pennsylvania opossum, on the other hand, there is no legal poison registered, and you may get in trouble)
• Cruel and inhumane way (a lot of other possibilities)

Using the poison as elimination mean for nuisance Pennsylvania animals is cruel, inhumane and horrible. Even though it´s one of the best-selling products, if you don´t seal off the premises or your building, no poison will help as new animals will be kept on coming. If you must, then decide to use the most humane way possible when killing Scranton animals. Choose the possibility that will cause the minimal pain and suffering and instant death effect.

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