How to Get Skunks Out from Under a Shed or Porch

There is no doubt that farmers and people living in houses in the countryside and even suburbs of cities have been faced with this problem at least a couple of times in their life already, and if not, they are bound to have it on their hands sooner or later. Namely, after suspicion of having unwelcomed guests under your shed or a porch and after some investigation, the clues have been confirmed and you find yourself faced with a Pennsylvania skunk or a family of skunks taking refuge under the porch of your house or under the shed. What would be some of the best ways to take care of this problem and resolve it in the most humane way possible?

It is important to realize what attracted skunks to your place in particular in the first place, perhaps there is an abundance of food that is available from trash cans lying around or they have simply sought a comfortable place that offers protection and the messy yard along with the surrounding areas of your house seemed like a perfect target. With that in mind, even before you start removing the Scranton skunks from your property; make sure to take every action to get rid of all the things that could be responsible for attracting them in the first place. Things mentioned as food, water or any vegetables that you might have in the garden, all of them are viable reasons for skunks to stay in the area.

Now that you've taken care of that, consider using some of the traps that have been made for this particular situation of Pennsylvania skunk- removal. Never, by any chance should you consider using a fire-arm to shot the animals, this is inhumane, also illegal, but in addition, it will always cause the animals to resort to some form of defense since they will feel threatened. Therefore, the best method would be trapping them and then relocating them to a different area where they can be set free. The best way to go about this is to use the cages that are made for this very purpose and use a bait of peanut butter since that is what gives off a strong smell and skunks like it especially, place the cages in such a place that it is the most obvious and unobstructed route for them to leave the habitat, or rather the hideout underneath your porch or shed. The best idea is to make sure that they don't see you in the area or else they might feel threatened. These cages have trap doors that are activated once the Scranton animal enters them and they close shut preventing them from escaping. Once you have them captured, consider removing them to a suitable place far away from your house where they can be released back into the wild.

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