Are Snakes Dangerous to Pets?

Spring is a season in which Pennsylvania snakes come out of their dens after a long resting period and chances of their bites towards animals like cats, dogs and other pets increase in percentage as they search for mate and look for food like mice and small reptiles. The most common places of snakes at this time are watercourses and seashores. At this time since these snakes have come out after a long period and their venom glands are full at this time therefore the chances of their bites are frequent and much severe with pets as their easiest prey, therefore, cats, dogs and other pets are on high risk of snake bite. But due to their strong inner defensive system they often survive more up to 24 hours as compared to dogs which have a slighter defense system capable of surviving only up to 30 minutes. The signs after a Scranton snake bite are weakness, tiredness and crumple frequently.

Snakes are of two kinds regarding dangerous attitude, venomous and non-venomous. Venomous Pennsylvania snakes are dangerous towards pets as their bites are extremely harmful in this regard. In America every year more than a million cases of snake bites to animals are reported and among them most cases are of dogs and cats. The cases of snake bites to dogs occur mostly in those areas where these venomous Scranton snakes are residing in a large number. Snakes like copperhead, cottonmouth often called Water Moccasin, Rattle Snack and Coral Snake are termed as highly dangerous in this regard.

Regarding Pennsylvania cats there are two interesting phenomenon, a non-venomous snake of lighter size often gets bitten by cat if cat got it as non-dangerous and plays with it till its death as per cat's habit. But in case of bigger snakes like Boas, Pythons the cat becomes an interesting prey for them. Dangerous situation occurs when cats mix up with these wild snakes, there goes a chance of dangerous bite then as cats and Scranton snakes don't mix up well. In some of the cases a friendship between cats and snakes occurs surprisingly but it is reported in a very small number. Since cats and dogs are much curious in nature and have a hostile mood, therefore, any snake finding is definitely to aggravate a reaction. Therefore, the best way for their safety measures is to keep them indoor. Another option in this regard is to if outdoor activities like walk etc. are part of life than those places be avoided where snakes are in abundance and in case of snake bite symptoms will appear soon and taking them to the veterinary hospital or clinic is an important act. The best ways to avoid such accidents are precautionary measures only. Northern America and Some parts of Australia are the areas where such cases are reported more therefore more care required there.

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